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HANK's Secret Sound


The “Secret Sound” is BACK and It’s your chance to win big money with 99.7 HANK FM’s Secret Sound Contest! We have $$$, and we want to give it away to our Listeners!!!

Monday through Friday, at 7:30AM we’ll play the Secret Sound and take Caller 13’s Guess!  Just wait for the cue-to-call from Joe Friday and start dialing: (405)286-5998!

If the guess is wrong, we ADD $20 to the pot each time! And keep going, and going!

We’ll also give you an unfair advantage every time a person gives a wrong guess we’ll post it!





10/31 - COINS DROPPING INTO A JAR incorrectly guessed by Jessica from OKC

11/1 - POURING SKITTLES OR M&M'S INTO A BOWL incorrectly guessed by Ed from Del City

11/2 - BEADS BUTTONS FALLING INTO A GLASS JAR incorrectly guessed by Levi from Tulsa

11/5 - PUTTING A WASHER IN A MASON JAR IN A SHOP incorrectly guessed by Al from Harrah

11/6 - MARBLES HITTING A GLASS BOWL incorrectly guessed by Heather

11/7 - COINS COMING OUT OF A SLOT MACHINE incorrectly guessed by Jama from OKC

11/8 - BBs BEING POURED INTO A GLASS CONTAINER incorrectly guessed by Jody from Guthrie

11/9 - COINS DROPPING INTO A CHANGE SLOT incorrectly guessed by Misty from Lookeba

11/12 - COINS COMING BACK FROM A MONEY RETURN incorrectly guessed by Tonya from Wayne

11/13 - ICE CUBES COMING OUT OF DISPENSER INTO GLASS incorrectly guessed by Janine from OKC

11/14 - M&M'S HITTING COFFEE CUP incorrectly guessed by Chambers from Kingfisher

11/15 - CEREAL POURING INTO A BOWL incorrectly guessed by Jessica from OKC

11/16 - JELLYBEANS IN A JAR incorrectly guessed by Mike from Mustang

11/19 - POURING PINTO BEANS INTO GLASS BOWL incorrectly guessed by Leslie from OKC

11/20 - DROPPING ROCKS INTO A FISHING AQUARIUM incorrectly guessed by Angela from Del City

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