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Willie Nelson is reminding Americans to remember farmers at Thanksgiving

In an opinion column published in USA Today, Willie writes:

“On Thursday, most of us will come to the table as families, friends, communities and a nation to celebrate our blessings. What people may not think about is that it’s the family farmer who brings us all together. We will gather over a meal that represents the year-round hard work of often-forgotten Americans — our family farmers. Farmers are working to stay on their land, all the while knitting communities together by providing healthy food and an economic bedrock for rural communities. This is an important time to recognize their efforts and do all we can to strengthen them.”

“Thanksgiving is the perfect backdrop for a family conversation about the folks who grow your food. It’s a chance to spend some time learning about the farmers in your community, and to dig in to see how you can participate in your local food system. It makes you feel good to help somebody. And once you get that feeling, you can't stop, you know. It’s true, the old saying that you get 10 times back what you give.

Willie adds: “I hope you’ll join me on Thanksgiving by saying a word or two of thanks — not just for the food on your table, but for the family farmers who woke up early that day and every day to ensure that we have a food system that is good for us, our communities and our country.”

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