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Toby Keith realizes that he's not a politician and isn't capable of solving all the world's problems

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Keith was asked about “justifying gun rights in a world beset by mass shootings” and stopped the interviewer before he could really get going.

He explained, “That’s one of those topics — and I’m not dodging the question — it’s one of those things we live with every day. It’s like one of the biggest struggles that I have on abortion is abortion. In my heart I don’t like it. But in my mind I agree with a lot of the situations where it should be. I understand [the well-being of] the mother. And somebody says, ‘Hey, a 12-year-old got raped by a convict — you want her to carry that baby?’ It’s such a big, gray world, and with those issues like that — I know how I feel inside, but I don’t know how to fix none of them. I’m not that guy.”
Toby realizes that he has fans with various opinions who love him for the music he makes — not his political commentary.

“That’s a losing battle,” he said. “You’re never gonna reach enough people in any interview to avoid being misrepresented.”

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