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Country music star Larry Gatlin opened up about the impact coronavirus has had on the entertainment industry

The Gatlin Brothers have had to cancel eight to ten concerts since the coronavirus hit the United States.

Larry Gatlin tells Fox News, “And, yes, it’s going to work a hardship but here’s the thing, my wife and I are greatly blessed. We live in a nice house. We have nice cars, but we are not like a lot of people probably think, filthy, stinking rich.”

“Here’s the simple fact, if I don’t go and ‘work’ 70 or 80 days a year, we are not going to live in that house. We’re not going to starve to death but we wouldn’t live in that house. So the other deal is that old saying, ‘The man who loves his job is always on vacation.'”

Gatlin claimed he still makes his money from touring.  

If the concerts remain postponed for an extended period of time, Gatlin said it would “alter” his standard of living.

“We have a little bit of savings, a little money in the bank but if we don’t go back to work within the next – if we have to delay it four or five months, it would alter my standard of living. I would have to do something with the two or three employees that I have. It’s a small business but thank God for the plan that President Trump and his experts have put into play to help us.”

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